News - Bericht im Detail - 12.12.2003

Spyker an der Autoexpo Mundial in Mexico City 

offizieller Newsletter von Spyker, 11.12.2003:

Spyker Cars is proud to present its cars for the first time at the Autoexpo Mundial in Mexico City. Spyker Cars of Baarn, the Netherlands is proud to present its cars for the first time at the Autoexpo Mundial in Mexico City in cooperation with its Mexican distributor Scuderia Mondiale S.A. de C.V. of Mexico City in Mexico.

Brief History 
Since October 2000 when the Spyker C8 Spyder was unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show, Spyker has established a strong foothold in the super car market niche. Hand build in the best tradition of the old Spykers by the most dedicated craftsmen of our time using the very best materials available. Created with passion for the most passionate of drivers. 
For owners who are desirous for a car built specifically for them, a car combining classic beauty with state of the art technology. For owners who appreciate spectacular performance, put to the test in the international race arena. And for owners who value exclusivity over today's world of mass production. 
The Spyker C8 Spyder won instant acclaim and was awarded the 2000 Institute of Vehicle Engineers Design Award on 18 October 2000. 
The Spyker C8 Laviolette, a coupe reminiscent of modern jet fighters was shown at the Amsterdam Motor Show in February 2001. And subsequently the Spyker Double12 R, Spyker's Le Mans endurance racer, was the IAA in Frankfurt in September 2001. 
The street version of the Spyker C8 Double12, the so called "S", was unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show in October 2002. In the meantime countless other Concours d'Elegance and events were attended in Europe and the USA. 
Production commenced in March 2002 and the first cars were delivered to customers at the end of that year. 
In the 2003 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Spyker won its greatest victory so far: finishing 10th in class and 30th overall with the totally in-house prepared Spyker C8 Double12 R chassis number 009. Victor Muller, Spyker CEO; "It was a truly a dream come true when we finished on June 15th last at 4 p.m. We feel that we have succeeded in demonstrating that our basically standard road cars are capable of competing at the highest levels in the international race arena. By doing so we enhance our brand recognition worldwide and have caught the attention and won the hearts of many passionate car enthusiasts around the globe". 

In 2003 22 new Spyker cars will be delivered to their owners. The customers of a new Spyker can follow the assembly of their car by the "SpyCam", a dedicated web cam system. Moreover digital personal car file is available to owners and dealers of every car produced. It entails the build sheet and any work and service carried out during the life span of the car in question. In view of demand Spyker is currently investing heavily in expanding its production capacity to 50 cars in 2004, 100 cars in 2005 and 150 cars in 2006. 

Spyker had and will be able to move ahead so expeditiously only because it has sought cooperation with the best possible partners right from the start. Coventry Prototype Panels ( and Polynorm ( were instrumental and chassis development. Further technology partnerships were entered into with Koni (, Philips Automotive Lighting (, Eibach Springs (, Shell ( and Cosworth Technology ( All these partners are heavily involved in the technical development of our product.One partner has not only been involved in the technology development but mainly in esthetics. At the Geneva International Motor show last March, Spyker and Chronoswiss ( proudly announced their partnership. The Chronoswiss company was founded in 1983 by master watchmaker Gerd-R Lang. Since 1987 the watch company has exclusively manufactured its own models with the annual output ranging between 6.000 to 8.000 timepieces. The demand is so great that the 30 members staff of this medium sized company are hardly able to keep up. The name Chronoswiss is now mentioned together with the greatest and oldest Swiss producers of exclusive wristwatches. 
A clear identity and product philosophy are associated with the name Chronoswiss. The mutual passion for outstanding technological products at the highest level of perfection and quality makes this corporation between Spyker and Chronoswiss a logical match. Chronoswiss has specially designed a dashboard for all Spyker models available to Spyker's esteemed customers as an option. In our view with one of finest designs the car industry has seen in recent years. The typical Chronoswiss design features and values as well as Spyker's aviation heritage have contributed to this outstanding design. 
Moreover, Chronoswiss is in a process of developing a Chronoswiss Spyker Fliegeruhr (pilot watch) paying tribute to Spyker's aviation heritage. It will be available for owners (with their own chassis number engraved) as well to enthusiasts. Co-branding and cross marketing with triple A brands is one of Spyker's goals to enhance its brand value. It is expected that similar agreements will be entered into in the course of the coming year with up-market brands with are related to the automotive industry. 

Expansion of Distribution
On the occasion of the press day of Mr Hans van Rennes, Spyker Sales Manager Americas said: 
"Our international distribution is developing rapidly and we are exceptionally pleased that we have been able to appoint Scuderia Mondiale in this important growth market for our cars. Many affluent Mexican customers have seen our cars at Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance in Carmel California or other U.S. or European venues and Scuderia Mondiale has rendered top quality services to the clientele over many years as exclusive Ferrari, Maserati and Saleen distributor for Mexico." 
Scuderia Mondiale will present a Spyker C8 Spyder chassisnumber 017 and the 2003 Spyker C8 Double12R chassisnumber 009 at the Autoexpo Mundial in Mexico City, which will be held from 12 through 22 December 2003. 
Martin Josephi, Director General of Scuderia Mondiale, said: "Spyker´s handbuild supercars are a phenomenal extension to the products we have been selling for years in the Mexican market. Many passionate drivers are looking for a supercar which is truly built to their personal wishes without any compromise, a car which is so exclusive that the chance of running into another one at the traffic light is virtually zero. A car that stimulates all senses, exhilarating and sexy, yet classy. A race bred car that has shown its potential at Le Mans: "racing improves the breed" still holds true today. That is what Spyker is all about." 
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